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Environmental Management
Environmental Management
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Environmental Management

KYOUNGRIM HTC prioritizes environmental preservation in management, manufacturing activities and also additional services, and we pracitce the following environmental policy to run the business in harmony with environment.

Complying with the environmantal regulations

We will comply with the legislations including environmental regulations to improve the environment and implement the policies reflecting the views of internal and external stakeholders.

Building a eco-friendly management system & Continuing an improvement.

We focus on not only a continuous improvement, but also a minimization of nagative effects occurred by the environmental management system, directly or indirectly.
We transparently reveal an environmental policy and an achievement for each area to the inside and outside. We make all staff cooperate with environment management system by continuous training for understanding it.

Minimizing waste & pollutant substances

We minimize waste and pollutant substances derived from all activities from production design to production and disposal.

Using materials effectively

We practice a green management by minimizing use of materials and energy.